Suit Care and Return Policy

Suit Saver is number 1 in the swimwear industry for protecting swimwear fabric by removing 99.9% of harmful chlorine and its odor from swimwear.

Suit SaverT.M. keeps colors bright and keeps fabrics looking new. Suit SaverT.M. is environmentally safe, water based, no nitrates, no phosphates, no perfumes, and no dyes.

Just put a quick squirt of Suit Saver in a sink-full of water, immerse swimsuit, drain and rinse. (does approx. 50 washings) Then dry in the shade--that's all it takes. Always use Suit SaverT.M. after swimming in a pool or hot tub.

$6.75 with your order or $8.00 separately to cover shipping.

Proper Swimwear Care

~ Rinse your suit in cool water immediately after swimming in chlorinated water or salt water.

~ If you must transport a wet suit, rinse it in non-chlorinated water as soon as possible.

~ NEVER wrap suit in a towel after swimming, if there is any chlorine that has not been rinsed out it can heat up which causes the chemicals to destroy the fabric faster.

~ To wash: Hand wash in cool water with a mild liquid soap (DO NOT USE BLEACH, WOOLITE OR FABRIC SOFTENERS), rinse well, do NOT wring, lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. We highly recommend you use a swimsuit cleaner such as Suit Saver as regular soap alone will not remove the chlorine and chemicals.

~ NEVER put in the dryer, the heat will destroy the fibers and cause the suit to stretch out of shape.

~ Let the suit dry completely before wearing it again allowing it to go back to its original shape. Failing to do this may cause the suit to stretch out and lose its shape. It's helpful to have another suit on hand to alternate in order to allow COMPLETE drying.

~ Hot tubs and Jacuzzis are extremely hard on the Lycra/Spandex because of the heat and chemicals combined. Abrasiveness on sides of pools is damaging to the fibers and will snag the fabric and cause a "pilled look".

~ Some fading of the colors is normal over time depending on the amout of chlorine and chemicals it is exposed to.

~Moms of small children: we want to caution you that the suits may stretch out of shape more quickly if your children tend to tuck their knees up into the skirt using it as a towel while it is wet.

Return Policy

We do not accept returns on Custom Made Swimwear as it was made for your own measurements and may not fit another customer.

We will accept returns on Ready Made Suits provided you have only tried it on with proper undergarments for fitting purposes only and it has not been swam in. We ask that you email us within 3 days of receiving your suit to let us know that you would like to return it.

Once we receive the suit and decide it is still in new, never been worn condition, we will refund your Paypal account or issue you a check for the suit cost minus a 20% restocking fee. We do not refund shipping charges.

If upon receiving your new suit you find a sewing defect, please email us immediately before wearing. We will gladly fix it for you quickly and refund your shipping costs as well.

We know the list above is lengthy, but your modest swimsuit having extra fabric compared to a standard swimsuit does need a little extra care in order to retain its shape and color. As with anything, a little extra care and attention goes a long way.

Lisa & Anne