Lisa, Got the Pink Chains Caribbean Waters suit. It is adorable!!! It looks like you custom made it for me....the size is perfect. Prettier in person than even on the internet! Great quality. I hope to send a picture of me in it. Love it. Cute and modest all in one!! I was afraid of looking too old in such a modest suit...but it is quite young looking...and stylish. God bless you. ~ Jenny & Savannah ~

Lisa, we got the new swimsuit today. We love how easily and freely you can swim in it.Her daddy is very pleased with the purchase as well. He loves how well it covers. Lisa was great to work with, emailed back answers to my questions quickly, and shipped it out very quickly as well. All in all, we love the swimsuit and the company. I highly recommend and will to all my friends looking for modest swimsuits for their daughters or themselves. Now I can't wait to order one for myself. Thanks, Lisa" Karen

Lisa, we got our bathing suits today. They are so beautiful and fit perfectly! Thank you for your prompt service !! They are so comfortable! I've never had a modest bathing suit before, and I feel so good in mine! My daughters have had one other modest swimsuit as well as Lands' End shorts and mock t-shirt style suits. Yours' are definitely our favorite! Edee

I received the bathing suit today. It's beautiful! It's perfect! I LOVE IT! I've been swimming in a t-shirt and shorts for over ten years, this is going to be a whole lot easier. Thank you so much. I've been wanting to make one now for years now, but couldn't even think about sewing with that material. I wish I would have found your sight a long time ago. I'm definitely going to recommend you to friends. Thank you again, Rachel, Roseland, Va.

Hi, I wanted to email you and let you know that I already received the suit. It fits perfectly and is beautiful. I am truly amazed that you could get it finished and shipped so quickly. Thanks again, Stephanie

I purchased swimsuits from Lisa for myself and our 4 daughters. They are wonderful in craftsmanship and comfort. Our girls look adorable in them and like them so much that I often hear requests to wear them on days that we are not even swimming. I highly recommend these suits to all ladies and girls that want to wear modest swimwear. Alysha

As a Muslim woman, I have not not been comfortable swimming in public. A few months ago, a Christian friend of mine had sent me a site for Christian made suits. I was of course hesitant but in all honesty, this past summer was my best summer in years. The way the suit fits is amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better cut and design. Thank you so much Lisa! Stephanie

Lisa, We have been very impressed with the design and quality of the swimwear we bought from you. The quick response received from you and for the custom made to order suit as well. We have looked at other modest swimsuits and for the price and quality have been very pleased with what we have bought. We will be ordering again as the need necessitates. Much appreciation goes to you and yours for this blessing for women who are wanting to be modest in this very immodest world. Blessings, In Christian Love, Crystal-

Hi Lisa, We just wanted to tell you how much we love our swimsuits! They are very well made and are wonderful to wear, and are also very comfortable in the water! Jen

Dear Lisa, We received our swimsuits (very timely) thank you. I have been searching for modest swim wear for my daughters for 2 years. The dilemma was that some were not as modest as we liked and they were very costly. I had even considered to sew my own. But the only fabric store close by is Wal-mart and they don't have much fabric to choose from. And I really don't have the extra time for sewing. We are planning a vacation in March and I wanted to find something soon. So since eBay has about anything you could want, I tried there. I found your site, buy now, and I could not believe how in-expensive they were. I could not have made them for that price, and they were modest! When we received them, we couldn't wait to try them on. They all fit and were well made. We were very pleased.

Thank you, Dawn

My daughter, Katie and I are thrilled with the swimwear that we received from you! We had ordered a similar suit from another company last year, but this one was made so much better! Also, we had never received proper care instructions for the suit before, and really appreciated the one that you sent. Thank you so much. We will definitely be doing business with you in the future.


I have wondered for years why I couldn't find a modest swim suit. I love to swim and I didn't want to let my kids down when they wanted Mommy to play with them in the water too. So I swam in culottes and t-shirts and felt water logged. I am SO HAPPY with my new swim suit! Now I can swim and be perfectly modest and move freely through the water! I am thrilled! It is well made and lovely as well as affordable. I was so happy that it came so quickly too! I recommend modestlyyoursswimwear to everyone I know!!! Tayna

Lisa, I received the swimsuit today. Thank you for shipping it so quickly. It fits nicely and is very comfortable. It is also more attractive, modest and feminine than anything I have put together in the past for swimming in! Usually I am a little embarrassed to swim in my pout-together swimwear. Not now! I am actually excited about swimming this summer! Thanks again! Alyssa

I wanted to tell you how much I *love* my suit. I am soo excited about it. I am really really pleased. My husband also loves the suit and the way it looks on me. He kept telling me how nice and feminine it looked. I have already started looking for fabric for next year! Jimmanee

Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. I got my swimsuit Saturday. I couldn't believe how fast you got it done, and I absolutely love it! I couldn't be happier with the fit, the material and the work. Thank you so much. Shannon

"Your swimsuits are surprisingly comfortable, I honestly worried about the suits being a little heavy in the water, but they aren't at all, even when you get out of the water dripping wet, they are not heavy. Then I worried that maybe they will take forever to day, they took no longer than the swim skirt and tankini that I was wearing. My girls LOVE their suits, they swim just as actively as they were swimming before, not a complaint. My 8 yr old DD says, "I LOVE it, it is easier to get on and they are pretty". My 6 yr old DD says " I like to swim because I get to wear the swimsuit". Debi

Dear Lisa, I received the swim suits Thursday, thank you soooo much! My daughter wanted to wwear it the next day for her day camp ( I told her the suit was to be worn on our vacation). I gave in, she will wear it starting Monday; I still smile when I remember how her face lit up trying it on, she was so excited. For me, the excitement was there, I was just a little more alont your web site and my recommendations for your company. Many thanks, Gloria

Dear Lisa, I got the bathing suit and it is DARLING...even on me (and I'm critical of me in a bathing suit!). I will be sooooo much more comfortable swimming in it. Far too often I forego swimming because I'm just too self-conscious to put on a "regular" suit and expose my extra folds. I can absolutely see myself having no anxiety about being seen in this one---while at the same time honoring the customs of indigenous people in Papua New Guinea not to show women's thighs...AND protect the men I encounter by not tempting them with flesh! What a gift! Have a blessed weekend, Christy