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I was looking for a very versatile swimsuit-one that I could wear before, during, and after pregnancy, and while nursing. The Caribbean Waters swimsuit was my solution. I had many questions, and Lisa was very helpful and patient and offered excellent suggestions. The final product was perfect, and finished in only a few days. I've received several compliments about my swimsuit. I also chose this site because of the wide variety of styles, bright colors, and trendy fabrics to choose from. Modesty is most important to me, but I also like to be fashionable. The prices were more reasonable, too. We used to spend about this much buying swimsuits and cover-ups separately. I also like the fact that I can go from beach to store without having to change. Thank you! ~Michelle~ Michigan

Lisa, We received our suits today, they are beautiful and very comfortable. I love my suit! I cannot express enough the comfort of the suit as well as the design. I ordered the maternity suit, knowing that I am not expecting. It fits perfectly with room to expand if we are blessed with pregnancy again. Thank you for making such beautiful suits. They look as good on as they show online. Thank you again- Dawn R.

Lisa and Anne are fantastic!!!! This suit is adorable...fun, modern and most important Modest. Now you don't have to look frumpy to stay modest and enjoy water fun in the summer. The workMOMship is outstanding..if you have not tried this style, please do. ~Peppermint in Arkansas~

Hey, Lisa! I just wanted to let you know that we received the swimsuits yesterday. We were getting ready to go swimming at my in-laws yesterday but trying to wait on the mail! lol! The girls could not wait. They kept running to the door to see if he had run. Right before we decided to leave he came. You should've seen them. They couldn't wait for me to get them opened. Oh, they are soooo beautiful! The prints on the computer just do not do them justice. I was ever so pleased! The girls really love them, too! They are very proud of them. They could not wait to show them off to their dad. ; ) He got to see them today. He was very pleased, too. We are planning our very first trip to the beach in Sept. My husband has issues with the beach crowd....modesty. He and I are soooooo thrilled that our girls can look fashionable yet still be modest. Thank you so much!!! He actually said, "I hope these ladies are still around when our girls are in their twenties! lol!! Thanks again, Beverly


-- Hi Lisa, we got our suits today! They are absolutely beautiful! Now I'll feel at ease while swimming and at the beach. Not only modest but image boosting too! I've never felt comfortable in a bathing suit with my body type until today, thanks so much. Emily loves hers as well and can't wait to go to the pool!

Love, Jenn and Emily

Dear Lisa & Gang,

I absolutely love my swimsuit! I had no idea the freedom it would give me. I can go outside and wash my dogs, then water my gardens and walk around to the front of my house and not worry about being immodest.. I went to a water park and could play with my grandkids and not worry about anything hanging out that shouldn’t be hanging out. Last weekend we celebrated birthdays and had a good old fashioned water gun fight, I was able to run around the yard and play with the kids and be focused on the fun instead of feeling embarrassed about being in a “swimsuit”. I have received several compliments but more important to me is the freedom I have wearing it. The older I get the more I realize God’s laws apply to every situation, even swimsuits there is freedom within boundaries and I experience great freedom within the boundaries of my modest swimsuit. Now that I’ve been able to use my suit I just want you to know how much I love it and how much I appreciate you making it. Please pass my compliments along to everyone else involved. ~Deb~

This suit was made for the publisher's daughter of Happily Domestic blog's giveaway which is now going on through July 21st, 2011.

Here's a link to the giveaway.

Lisa, I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful swimsuits that arrived early this past Saturday. The material, the handling, down to the very last stitch and detail of these suits were amazing. Our girls quickly modeled their suits after we received them in the mail, and they would not take them off for the rest of the day! They went to the neighborhood pool and the comments from others tickled the girls. We strive to dress our girls with modesty not only in their daily wear but also while at the pool and beach. These suits well exceeded our expectations! We thank you for your time and workmanship. We will be doing business with you, I am sure, in the future.


I bought a swimsuit from you last summer. I love it! The more I wear it the more I love it. I did not feel comfortable or modest in previous swimsuits, so I didn't take the kids to public places to swim. I avoided the water completely. Now I have the freedom to relax and play with the kids at our local YMCA pool knowing I am not exposing myself unnecessarily. Thank you for a great product. I am planning on ordering a second suit this summer.


Thank you so much for the awesome swimsuit! It arrived just the day before my camp so I was able to use it. It is the most comfortable modest swimsuit I have ever had, fits perfect, and the fabric is just beautiful. It is so nice to be able to have a place to get modest swimwear that is beautiful, good quality and most importantly modest. Thanks for everything.


Jenny and Savannah 3rd year repeat customer

Aunt Jane from IL

Happy Customers!

Howdy! Last year 2011 around April, I ordered suits for my 3 teenaged daughters and myself and my 6 year old daughter! I just have to tell you how wonderful they are! I'm sorry for not sending photos sooner! These suits are super comfy and very versatile for use in all types of summer situations! We often wear them to an event where we know there is going to be swimming. They are dressy enough to fit right in as clothing, and then certainly wonderful for swimming! Thank you very much for your diligent work for the Lord in this manner! The Winslow family

Happy Customer!

Being a woman that wears larger sizing, I cannot begin to express how happy I am with how my suit fits me. It's modest and still makes me feel confident with what I am wearing. I have tears of relief and happiness because that's never, EVER happened before with a suit. No matter how many I tried on this past swimsuit season (and I started early), I could never find something that made me feel feminine and confident with what I had on. I also love that you give the option of the bra inserts. I know I'll be so much more comfortable this way vs. wearing a bra as I usually need to do where it ends up chafing and feeling gross after I get out of the water. The style design and the fabrics you have truly make me feel as though I could wear this all day, every day - not just for swimming. My daughter is so so happy she can move around and enjoy pool activities knowing she is modestly covered. Thank you for offering such wonderful designs in plenty of fabric choices! -Mrs. J in Mesa AZ

Lisa and Anne, I wanted to tell you I came home from my Bible study tonight to find my swimsuit here..cannot tell you how excited I was ( that was fast ) ..I tried it on and it fits great, exactly as I wanted it to. Now I can go swimming with my grand children and not feel as though too much is on display , although I wore a one piece with a skirt and shorts under it, I still felt it was a little too much skin. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate all the time that was taken to make sure the measurements were correct. I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting a modest swim suit. Again thank you and I pray you are greatly blessed in your endeavors to help woman be as modest as we can in this day and age ..where everyone wants it all to hang out : / Sent from my iPad Nannette

Happy Customer!

Micah in Illinois